Kurt Castillo

Kurt Castillo is Inspire’s Complementary, Therapeutic & Activities Services  Manager.

Kurt completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Therapy at the University of Malta in 2002 and has worked as a speech and language pathologist ever since. From 2011-2014 years he has managed 4 childcare centres operated by the Foundation for Educational Services. Kurt has also participated and worked as a trainer in numerous EU funded projects in various countries across Europe.

Kurt has a passion for the creative arts and has been involved in the local TV and theatre scene for the past 18 years. After completing his studies in Speech & Drama and in the Performing Arts with Trinity College, Kurt has delivered theatre workshops both locally and abroad.

Towards the end of 2014, he joined Inspire – The Foundation for Inclusion and serves as Complementary and Therapeutic Services & Activities Manager. The areas which he manages include traditional therapeutic services mainly Occupational therapy, Physiotherapy, Psychology and Speech-Language pathology as well as complementary services mainly Therapeutic Horseback Riding, Multi-Sensory Therapy, Therapeutic and Creative Arts, Winter Programme and Summer programme and activities.