Make a Difference

We all have opportunities every day to make a difference. It’s amazing what just a small effort can do. Make a Difference Day, celebrated on Saturday 22nd of October, has been crafted so that we can all come together and help people who need it most. As a result, at Inspire, we’ve put together some initiatives to help schools come up with their own way of making a difference.

Your School Can
Make a Difference

The Inspire Make a Difference initiative is a great way for schools to come together and make a positive impact. We can make the world a better place and every act of kindness makes a difference.

How Else Can You Help?

There are many other ways your school can support Inspire. Here are but a few suggestions!

  • Events – Any kind of school event can be a way to raise funds and support a good cause. Our team are more than willing to assist, so do get in touch.
  • Bake Sales – invite the school community to bake goodies and sell them against a small donation. You can promote the bake sale through posters, email as well as the use of social media. We’d be more than happy to assist and even share on our social media channels to give you exposure.
  • Dress Up Days – A casual/colourful day at school is a great way to show your support for the Inspire Foundation and make a difference. On this day, students can wear their favourite casual clothes, wear a funny hat, and add a splash of colour to show their support. This is a great opportunity for students to express their individuality and have some fun while supporting a great cause.

For The Younger Students

Inspire can provide your schools with envelopes that are designed to allow children to collect donations, color in the picture depending on the amount they collect, and send it back to Inspire. Each section corresponds to collecting 0.20c. Simply get in touch with us at rowana.gatt@inspire.org.mt or +356 7969 3464 and let us know how many envelopes you would like us to send to your school.

We Strive for Inclusivity

At Inspire Foundation, our main goal is to support anyone with a disability to achieve their full potential while ensuring they too have a right to equality and inclusion. We do this by providing individuals and their families with educational, therapeutic, and leisure services.

Inspire currently supports over 200 learners with various disabilities ranging from Autism to Cerebral Palsy, among others. Our support is in the form of a variety of services, therapeutic sessions, and the disability programs that we offer.

Contact Us to Discuss
Your Initiative

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The Inspire Foundation
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