Literacy & Numeracy Help

The inspire Learning Centre is now offering help with reading, writing, spelling and mathematical calculations.

We identify any gaps and difficulties and work specifically towards improvement in those areas.

  • Improving literacy and numeracy skills one step at a time
  • Qualified tutors follow a structured approach
  • One to one sessions tailored to your child’s needs
  • Individual sessions from basic to higher levels for all ages
  • Sessions start in September from 15 Euro per session

If you have any further questions or to book an appointment please don’t hesitate to contact our LANES teamleader Sarah Mifsud.

E- Mail: sarah.mifsud@inspire.org.mt. Phone: 20928100 Inspire Bulebel reception, please ask for Sarah Mifsud or LANES

Inspire offers a Literacy and Numeracy Enhancement Services (LANES) within the Inspire Learning Centre. This programme caters for children and young adults who do not necessarily have a disability but who are struggling with specific (Dyscalculia, Dyslexia) or non specific learning difficulties.   We offer help with reading, writing, spelling and mathematical calculations.

Our goal is to help these children and young adults cope and overcome their difficulties with particular emphasis on literacy and numeracy difficulties. We address these difficulties through an interactive and multi sensory approach.

Our literacy sessions cater mainly for those who have difficulty accessing literacy skills within the classroom environment and therefore have difficulty in adequately and efficiently accessing the curriculum as addressed within the schools. Some clients would have been diagnosed with Dyslexia others would just struggle with certain concepts or milestones.

woman-tutoring-girlOur numeracy sessions cater for those who have difficulty accessing mathematical and numeracy related concepts and are struggling with Maths even because of language. Some clients would have been diagnosed with dyscalculia others would just struggle with certain concepts or milestones.

The main tool used to address numeracy is Numicon, a multisensory tool used to address number skills and mathematical concepts. It does not replace the curriculum as addressed in schools but supports it. Due to its highly visual nature, Numicon helps students understand numbers, number values and the relationship between numbers.

Additional activities carried out during both literacy and numeracy sessions include visual and auditory memory skills aswell as working memory skills. We also address attention skills and visual spatial processing.

Our qualified tutors will provide intervention as required by the child within the home, school or at the new Inspire Learning Centre. Frequency and length of intervention will be decided following professionals’ recommendations and upon discussion with parents.

Sessions usually take place on weekly basis and may last 1 hour or 1 hour 30 minutes. This widely depends on the kind of intervention needed. Moreover sessions are on a one-to-one basis so as to ensure that activities carried out during the sessions are adapted according to the needs of the child.

The inspire tutors will also offer school visits on request to discuss the goals of the services offered and the child’s progress with the stakeholders concerned to streamline all efforts towards successful learning for the child.