Homework Support

The Learning Centre offers an outreach service on the school premises after regular school hours to help Primary School aged children with their English and Math homework. This is a joint project between the inspire foundation and the Children in Need foundation funded by the Malta Community Chest Fund.

 Our common goal is to reach children with learning difficulties, disabilities and socially excluded youngsters who are failing in their education because of lack of resources and opportunities to learn. Access to specialist professionals is sparse and therefore those who are vulnerable are often left out. The Homework support groups are organised twice weekly in small groups with qualified tutors.

In conjunction with the direct contact with the children, the Homework Support Group project will also include workshops for the parents of the children receiving the service, in which the focus will be on dealing with challenging behaviour. Furthermore, there will be workshops designed for LSA’s and teachers on challenging behaviour, red flags and support strategies.

 The aim of the project is to provide a long-standing effect on the children that are engaged on the programme. By increasing their ability to learn, we are compounding their future potential through increased education uptake and the mindset to learn and develop. Wealso aim to create long-term value by training professionals, who will then go on to support other children with the skills learnt. We will also support the children, and indeed their siblings, by supporting the parents and guardians with knowledge and information, to encourage them to continue to make their education a priority.

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