We help children and adults cope and overcome various learning difficulties with special emphasis on literacy and numeracy, including but not only, dyslexia and dyscalculia.

We provide students with the appropriate support and help them through personalised and multisensory intervension.

This is done through various group or individual sessions delivered by qualified and experiened tutors, either in the home at The Inspire Learning Centre in Bulebel.

We also support and train parents as well as educators in order for them to be in a better position to help children who are facing such difficulties.

What we offer

LANES sessions help to overcome difficulties in reading, writing and maths. We address these difficulties through an interactive and multi sensory approach in 1 to 1 sessions. 

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Homework Support Groups are an outreach service on the school premises after regular school hours to help Primary School aged children with their English and Math homework.

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Are you looking for a multi-sensory approach to teaching numbers and the number system? Do your students or children find difficulty learning maths? Numicon can be the answer to this and can help to significantly support their understanding of numbers and the number system.

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Inspire offers a wide variety of training & workshops to parents and professionals working in schools, nurseries or other companies on disability issues and inclusion. Tailor made workshops upon request.

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The Inspire Learning Centre

For more information contact learningcentre@inspire.org.mt

or give us a call on 20928100