Occupational therapy interventions help persons with disabilities achieve their maximum potential in daily life skills, participate in school, work and social situations; help people recovering from an injury to regain skills, and provide support for persons experiencing physical and cognitive changes.


Service includes the provision of guidance, diagnostic assessment, intervention, support and information for both clients and carers.

Following an initial assessment, an individualised programme of intervention is developed for each service-user.

Parents and significant others are involved in the care-process and they are helped in gaining the necessary skills to be able to support their child at home.


Occupational therapy combines a variety of strategies that can help your child respond better to his or her environment.

Will work towards the achievement of daily living skills, such as toilet training, dressing, brushing teeth, and other grooming skills within the limits of their abilities.

Support the development of fine motor skills, such as those required for holding objects while handwriting or cutting with scissors, and gross motor skills used for walking, climbing stairs, or riding a bike.

Gain skills that help the child in play, coping, self-help, problem solving, communication, and social skills.

Develop skills that support the building of peer and adult relationships.


For persons, of all ages, who may have trouble interacting with their environment and others.

Children and adults who experience a variety of physical, psychosocial and psychological problems that lead to limited functional performance and decreased life satisfaction.

Programme Details

Cost: €25/session or €125/bundle

Location: Triq Ramon Perellos, Ghajnsielem, Gozo

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