Fundraising Ideas for individuals and couples


Whoever you are, whatever you do, whatever your ability, you can make a huge difference in someoen’s life. Here’s how, even as a lone wolf, or simply want to hang out with your special someone, you can have fun and fund raise for a good cause.

For more information or support please do not hesitate to contact Inspire’s Fundraising Department on 20928100.

Fundraising ideas for individuals

Eat something painful

Whether it’s a blob of Wasabi, a teaspoon of cinnamon or a red hot chili pepper, gobble it up for charity.

Do something painful

This is not for the fainthearted. Wax off a hairy patch on your body & offer the pain & humiliation to charity.

Shave your head or ….

Shave your head, or even better….just a part of your head and one eyebrow. Maybe leave half a moustache or a funky design on your chin. Let your friends see how far you’ll go to help Inspire.

Heels all day

Walking in heels can be challenging for men, so what if you promised to walk out in heels in public and walk the Sliema promenade in high heels ? We bet that your friends will pay anything to see you do that.

Dye your hair crazy

Pink, green, orange – take your pick, and dye your hair, or a few strands, some crazy colour.  What will your friends give to see you do that?

Drink something horrid

How about a minced burger mixed with beer, orange juice, topped with honey, milk and a dash of soya sauce? Disgusting enough?  Let your friends know you’ll do this if they help you raise €100.

Challenge your body

Put your body to the test, let your friends see you toil and sweat, and in return ask for donations that will help children & people with disabilities.

Do something permanent

Pain is temporary but some things are permanent.  If you’re really after serious donations do something permanent like a piercing or a tattoo. But please only do this at professional and qualified individuals.