Fundraising Ideas for Schools



If you belong to a school, club or any other small group, you can make a huge difference to someone’s life by doing something fun and collecting donations in aid of Inspire at the same time.  There are various things that you can do and below are just a few ideas to get your creative ideas going. For more information or support please do not hesitate to contact Inspire’s Fundraising Department on 20928100.

Fundraising ideas for schools & groups

Pie a teacher

What would you and your friends pay for the opportunity to pie a teacher, a coach or some other authority in the face ? Organise a day of fun and watch your favourite, and perhaps not so favourite faces get pied.

Ditch the uniform

Pick a day and ditch that boring uniform for something else. Or don’t ditch it all together, just pimp it up with your favourite or most ridiculous accessories. Participants pay their dues by donating to Inspire.

Wear something blue

Blue is the official colour of Autism Awareness. The first week of April marks Autism Awareness week. Wear something blue and collect funds for Inspire who works closely with children on the Autism Spectrum.

Be funny

Just wear or do something funny. Pick a day and tell everyone to make a bit of a fool of themselves. Wear something funny, do something funny, sing a little, and just have fun.  Donate to charity and your fun will go a long way to help others.