What some of our corporate donors have to say

The name says it all – a truly befitting title for this non-for-profit organisation that goes beyond helping persons with different abilities at a local level as it aspires to create awareness and get society to recognise the beauty of different abilities in individuals. By helping those on the periphery to lead a fuller social life, Inspire makes our society a richer community.

Their focus includes working with parents and carers, resulting in a truly holistic approach at finding the best solutions for the people they aim to give a helping hand to.

Bank of Valletta is proud to lend its support towards Inspire, because this is an NGO that is really hands-on, and tireless in its efforts to raise awareness and really create a space for thsoe it seeks to assist. Over the years, we have partnered with Inspire on several projects, strong in our belief that Inspire will see the project through and that our contribution is appreciated.

We augur Inspire well, confident that they will continue to work hard to give a richer life experience not only to the people they care for but to each and every one of us by making us more conscious of life’s precious gifts that we would otherwise take for granted.

We’ve been supporting The Inspire Foundation for several years now. We do so by volunteering, fundraising, direct donations as well as taking part in team building events and other activities organised by Inspire. Besides what we donate at a corporate level, a number of our employees also donate part of their personal income annually.  Our relationship with the foundation is based on the knowledge that Inspire provides vital and genuine services to so many individuals, children, adults and families. We all understand the financial, medical, and psychological effects that arise from disability.  It is therefore a great honour for our company, including our employees, to help Inspire in any way we can, not only by donating money but also by organising our CSR events in conjunction with the foundation.  We feel honoured to partner with an organisation that works for such a good cause, and by donating what we can we enable it to focus on what matters most – helping and advocating for people with disabilities.

The Vodafone Malta Foundation is proud of its unique relationship with Inspire.  We recognise the difference Inspire makes in the daily lives of many individuals and their families and are happy to be able to contribute.  Inspire really does Inspire all those that come into contact with the organisation and the people it assists.  The genuine dedication of the staff is truly wonderful and commendable.  The Vodafone Malta Foundation has supported Inspire from its inception and can attest to the professionaism and dedication of those involved in Inspire to truly make a difference in people’s lives.  We are not far from the mark when we clearly state that Inspire has led the change to the way persons with disability are regarded within Maltese society, ensuring that they are given the same opportunities to integrate and enter into the workforce.  The work done in this regard has been truly inspirational.  Whilst the VMF contributes directly to the many projects of Inspire, we also ensure that Vodafone staff contribute their time and effort through CSR days with Inspire as well as particiapting in their various activities.  On our end the experience our staff enjoy through such engagement is enriching and truly rewarding.

The Alfred Mizzi Foundation had, for many years, supported both the Eden Foundation as well as the Razzett tal-Ħbiberija. When these two foundations merged into one in 2009, into what is now known as INSPIRE, The Alfred Mizzi Foundation has continued to support the excellent work being carried out by this foundation thereby giving people with some form of disability equal opportunities to find their place amongst society at large.

As a group, we strive to support foundations such as Inspire through our Social Corporate Responsibility programme.  Having people with disabilities participate in society and the workplace is a matter of rights at the individual level, of diversity, talent and of global social cohesion and social inclusion. Besides helping and encouraging individuals with disabilities, Inspire have always tried their very best to keep the park and the animals safe, but without the right equipment, which for a charity like Inspire is hard to purchase, it is difficult to control and monitor all situations. We therefore decided to donate all the necessary equipment and to install it as part of our vision to create an environment that is secure, especially for the most vulnerable.  We are honoured to have contributed to such a good cause and encourage other companies to do the same.

“Credibility is a value we uphold dearly at the Allied Group of Companies, a value we demand in everything we do and expect from everyone we partner with.
We feel that the Inspire Foundation certainly shares this value and we are proud to be able to extend our corporate social responsibility to them too.
We support and believe in Inspire’s mission to ensure that children with Intellectual disabilities and their families get a fair chance in life and are equipped with the necessary skills to be fully included in our society.
We do this by donating money and by creating awareness on their cause through our Times of Malta media.
We strongly urge others to support Inspire.”
Allied Group of Companies

As part of its effort to improve its online communications and PR the Inspire Foundation has recently opted for Dmaxepaper.com, the intelligent email marketing platform.

Inspire helps individuals with various disabilities ranging from Down syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy and others. The foundation offers services and disability programmes at a highly subsidised rate or sometimes even free.

Alison Bezzina, the manager responsible for marketing and PR at Inspire, said that Dmaxepaper.com will prove useful to help strengthen the foundation’s communications with its contacts, the general public, staff and stakeholders, particularly via email and Social Media. “We’ve tested other systems like Mail Chimp for instance, yet we felt that Dmaxepaper.com offered improved delivery rates, smarter features and above all, training and support in Malta.”

“We see the use of email intelligence platform like Dmaxepaper.com as a step in the right direction for Inspire, as a part of our broader communications strategy. This system delivers and that’s what we’re after”, said the recently appointed Inspire CEO, Antonello Gauci.

“As part of its corporate social responsibility, it is an honour for our company to be of service to an NGO which does so much good in our society”, said Ray de Bono, Dmaxepaper.com’s CEO.

The Dmaxepaper.com system is used by various companies and organisations in Malta and overseas, including banks, government agencies, media agencies, eGaming & IT firms.

We feel it is  our duty and privilege  to try and do our bit  to help  this worthy  cause,  and to  assist the professionals  in their mission

At Shireburn Software we have a special place in our hearts for the team at Inspire. As a company we contribute through various corporate fundraising initiatives, but so do all staff members, from directors, to management and employees who pitch in regularly to financially assist the foundation. Inspire really is a magical place for those who require its services, giving them the right tools to be able to live a dignified and independent life. We feel truly honoured and proud to support the foundation and look forward to working even more closely with their team for years to come.

We believe that everyone should be given the same opportunities in life, regardless of their disability or condition.  This is why we try to contribute to inspire’s cause in every way because we believe that the organisation makes a real difference in people’s lives.  It helps those most in need, their families and society at large  – an ethos the Bilom Group totally adheres to.

At St Martin’s College we make great emphasis on the importance of social responsibility amongst all learners. This year we have chosen Inspire – Foundation for Inclusion as recipients for our fund-raising activities because we have recognised the validity of their work and acknowledged that sharing this with our learners is of high educational value. We will continue to raise funds to facilitate in easing the financial burden the foundation has and augur that other organisations do so as well.

At the Hub Workspace we believe that sharing is caring so we take it upon ourselves to share wealth, knowledge and kindness.  We are proud to have contributed to Inspire on several occasions and plan to do so again in the future.  Equality and inclusion are the basis of a just society, and values that The Hub Workspace is built on.

We choose to honour our guests who stay at The Valletta G-House, by making a donation in their name to The Inspire Foundation because experience has taught us that people from all over the world like to do good and help a good cause. It is a great feeling to know that whilst you’re enjoying your holiday and your stay in Valletta you’re also helping others.

The Farsons Foundation acknowledges the sterling work carried out by Inspire on a daily basis with a view to encouraging all boys and girls, men and women who it is supporting to realise their potential.  In supporting Inspire, The Farsons Foundation encourages other organisations to do likewise.

Casino Malta of Olympic Casino is really honoured to support the Inspire organization and it’s noble cause. Our goal is bringing change to this country. In light of these changes, our work with Inspire is becoming even more imperative. We must continue building a bigger and stronger society with compassion at its heart – small charities and community groups exemplify this spirit. Casino Malta encourages other organisations to do likewise.

All of us at FirstUnited feel that Inspire makes a big difference in the life of many people. It is why we take pride in our close relationship with them, and strongly believe in supporting their good cause.

Out of their own initiative, FirstUnited employees contribute directly towards their own charity fund, which is further supplemented by the company itself.

We strongly encourage other firms to join us, and many others, in supporting this great humanitarian foundation!


Corporate giving, also known as corporate philanthropy, refers to the act of for-profit companies donating some of their profits or resources to charity. Donations may come from the company directly, or through a separate, company-sponsored foundation or public charity.

Inspire thanks its very generous corporate givers whose donations make incredible things happen and a huge difference in the lives of thousands of children and individuals with disabilities.