Fundraising Ideas for companies & businesses



Whatever you do for a living there’s always something you can do to help Inspire continue its work with children and adults with disabilities.  From small activities to large events, it’s up to you. All you need to know is that every little bit helps. There are various things that you can do and below are just a few ideas to get your creative ideas going. For more information or support please do not hesitate to contact Inspire’s Fundraising Department on 20928100.

Fundraising ideas for companies & businesses

Tea or coffee for everyone

Spoil your co-workers by offering to make teas and coffees for everyone in exchange for a donation for Inspire. Spice it up with some cookies & biscuits to encourage more generous giving.

Stress Down Day

Who doesn’t need a stress down day? Organise a day where your department goes to work in their bed room slippers. Every participant pays a donation to Inspire in return for a comfortable day at work.

(Really) Bad Tie Day

Wear the worst and ugliest ties you can lay your hands on and go to work to provoke some laughs. Look for old relics in your grandad’s closest for big pity donations.

Car wash day

Get your friends and families together and organise a cheap and cheerful hand car wash to raise funds for Inspire. Offer some additional services like tea and coffee for your customers who are likely to donate more if treated well.