Inspire officially opened its Gozitan doors on June 1, 1997.  At the time Inspire was still known as the Eden Foundation and was located in Xewkija.  The current premises, which consist of an old house set in a quaint alley in Ghajnsielem on Ramon Perellos Street, was generously donated by the late Dr. Victor Bajada and his wife, Louise.

The programmes being offered in Gozo are the STEP EY programme, School Intervention Programme, Paces, STAR 3 and Learning Made Easy programmes to a number of clients with varied disabilities and levels of functioning.

Our services consist of one-to-one sessions, school visits and group sessions which are provided on our premises, in schools or at home.  We work hand-in-hand with parents and schools to ensure the continuity of service to ensure the child gets the most out of every session.  The goal of our team in Gozo mirrors the mission set out by Inspire which is to reach out to as many children and adults with disabilities, who reside in Gozo, to educate and train them to their utmost potential and to lay down the groundwork for a happy, socially inclusive and as independent a life as possible.

Fundraising and awareness about inclusion and disability awareness is also an important part of what we do in Gozo.  Several fundraising events are held in Gozo throughout the year. The latest awareness campaign in Gozo was the Labels are for Clothes Not People project which was funded by the Ministry of Gozo. This project had all Gozo College Schools participate in an art contest which led to the winning drawing being printed on a shopping bag given out free to shoppers at Arkadia Mall. Such campaigns help us to reach out to the greater population of Gozo and raise awareness about the various aspects of disability.

Our bazaar, which is located on Republic Street is open every Friday and Saturday. Many items such as books, household goods, clothing, paintings and plants are sold in order to raise money for the Foundation. The bazaar has been run by Louise Bajada for the past 20 years – all on a voluntary basis.

As an NGO, volunteers are an integral part of our services. Volunteers help to support our tutors in children’s group sessions and also participate in various fundraising events. Whether you are a student or an adult with some spare time and you have an interest in doing some volunteer work with our foundation, please email Ann Camilleri  or call the office 21564149.