Our son Finn, is a happy boy who loves to run, play and swim; he also has autism. Finn was non-verbal until the age of three.  He is now 5 and has emerging language using singular words.

Finn receives one to one tutorage at home from Inspire, which means we get to watch and learn too. Inspire has given us hope that we will get there. He also attends a mainstream school. With the help of his amazing LSA and friends he is learning to play and how to manage being in a classroom with all that noise, flikcering lights and constant movement. The tutors and all the kind folk behind the scenes at Inspire have made the biggest impact on Finn and our lives. They work with Finn, his school and everyone else in his care team to ensure he receives the most appropriate and consistent tutorage. Autism is just one of the many special needs for which Inspire provide help and we are constantly grateful to donors, volunteers and all those who somehow or another help in making this service possible.

Emma & Julian McEwen
Parents of 5 Year Old Finn Who Has Autism

The name says it all – a truly befitting title for this non-for-profit organisation that goes beyond helping persons with different abilities at a local level as it aspires to create awareness and get society to recognise the beauty of different abilities in individuals. By helping those on the periphery to lead a fuller social life, Inspire makes our society a richer community.

Their focus includes working with parents and carers, resulting in a truly holistic approach at finding the best solutions for the people they aim to give a helping hand to.

Bank of Valletta is proud to lend its support towards Inspire, because this is an NGO that is really hands-on, and tireless in its efforts to raise awareness and really create a space for thsoe it seeks to assist. Over the years, we have partnered with Inspire on several projects, strong in our belief that Inspire will see the project through and that our contribution is appreciated.

We augur Inspire well, confident that they will continue to work hard to give a richer life experience not only to the people they care for but to each and every one of us by making us more conscious of life’s precious gifts that we would otherwise take for granted.

Bank of Valletta
Donors & Sponsors

I completed a placement at Inspire last summer as part of my Occupational Therapy degree, and was fortunate enough to be offered a role within the organisation just weeks after my graduation. I have worked in the field of intellectual and physical disabilities for almost ten years, and I am passionate about the importance of empowerment and inclusion for such individuals. I find it incredibly rewarding that my role at Inspire offers me the chance to help people with disabilities work towards achieving their fullest potential every day.

There is a brilliant atmosphere at Inspire and a real sense of community amongst the staff and service users. Each day brings new opportunities for me to develop my own skills as well as those of service users, and the wealth of therapeutic expertise available is astounding.

I truly believe in the sentiments of Inspire’s mission statement, and feel lucky and proud to be part of an organisation which has such apositive impact on so many people’s lives.

Philip Wade
Team Leader at Inspire

I’ve been going to Inspire since I was very young and I’ve always enjoyed my time there. It’s not just about the training and the learning, but also about the friends I made, the people I meet and the fun we have working. The teachers are always very nice even though they can be strict, but this is what made it possible for me to find a job and be as independent as I am today. The people at Inspire always helped me get better. They helped me to work harder, and I always looked forward to going there to learn more. I’m happy to have gone to Inspire and I hope that many people get to enjoy the good things that they do there, because it is really important that people like me get the best training and the best chance at life as possible.

Mark Zammit Cutajar
Inspire Adult Client

We’ve been supporting The Inspire Foundation for several years now. We do so by volunteering, fundraising, direct donations as well as taking part in team building events and other activities organised by Inspire. Besides what

we donate at a corporate level, a number of our employees also donate part of their personal income annually.  Our relationship with the foundation is based on the knowledge that Inspire provides vital and genuine services to so many individuals, children, adults and families. We all understand the financial, medical, and psychological effects that arise from disability.  It is therefore a great honour for our company, including our employees, to help Inspire in any way we can, not only by donating money but also by organising our CSR events in conjunction with the foundation.  We feel honoured to partner with an organisation that works for such a good cause, and by donating what we can we enable it to focus on what matters most – helping and advocating for people with disabilities.

Frank Salt Real Estate
Donors & Sponsors

Nicholas is 15 now and  has been attending the Inspire programme since he was in primary school. Its always  a nice experience and a good therapy as his tantrums are getting less  each year.
His favourites are the dark room and the ball room as they help him calm down.  In fact he feels like he’s in a pool relaxing with friends. Horse riding and feeding the animals is  another therapy that helped Nicholas in controlling his tantrums.

More programmes like these should be integrated in the curriculum as our children with certain conditions will benefit and help us parents to focus more on our children’s future.

Sandra Borg
Mother of Nicholas Borg

Shana started attending sessions at Inspire in order to reduce challenging and also aggressive behaviour. At Inspire, Shana had the facility to attend three sessions; Saddle Club, Therapeutic Creative Arts and Multi-Sensory Rooms.

The student used to attend sessions at Inspire in the past and we could easily notice this in the way she knew things around. During Saddle Club, Shana used to groom the horses and afterwards have a horse riding session. During Therapeutic Creative Arts, Shana had the opportunity to express herself in drawing and also to work with pottery. During the Multi-Sensory Session, Shana used to enjoy herself in all the three multi-sensory rooms, exploring and playing with tactile objects.

After each session, we would ask Shana which was her favourite part of the visit and she always mentioned ‘Soft Room’ referring to one of the multi-sensory rooms.

In our opinion, we think that these visits were of benefit to Shana. The student used to be very enthusiastic for Thursdays, as she knew that we would go to Inspire. The use of tactile objects in all sessions helped Shana to feel more confident. Moreover, with the help of the instructors, especially during Saddle Club, Shana had fun and enjoyed every visit at Inspire.

Last but surely not least, we would like to thank Ms. Marlyn Debono for her patience and support during all visits.

Antonella Spiteri & Matthew Gatt – Guardian Angel Secondary Education Resource Centre

Guardian Angel Secondary Education Resource Centre