I was anxious to take the decision to move Zack out of mainstream school. But looking back, I am so thankful and grateful for all the team at Inspire, for making my son’s school days so much more fun. Zach became excited to go to school, after a long time of being so unhappy going to school. The tantrums stopped and every morning, he is excited waiting near the door for the Inspire van to pick him up. This is a dream come true for me and my family.   He returns back home with a smile on his face, excited about his day.  I am so grateful for the decision I took and can never thank Inspire enough for this opportunity.  Zack has grown so much in this past year and that makes me feel so proud and happy.

Daniela Galea
Parent of Zach, who attends LinC

As Covid-19 hit Malta, the STAR 25’s team immediately started to address parents’ concerns and was quick in establishing an effective communication medium. As parents, we greatly appreciate the video calls with the programme managers, nurse, physio and others. The support is tremendous. The weekly activities and video chats gave us and Theresa something to look forward too. The Star25 team know Theresa almost as much as we do and so the activities, questions asked and experiences shared gave us parents and Theresa the support we so need in this crisis.

Michael & Karen Borg
Parents of Theresa, who attends STAR 25

As the foundation is so aptly named, the work done through Inspire is truly remarkable. Sharing their vision of equality and inclusion, it is of great honour for Shireburn and all our team to be able to lend a helping hand. This is done not solely through monetary donations as an organisation, but also by organising and participating in various CSR events in collaboration with the foundation. 
Inspire helps hundreds of individuals every year, creating opportunities and cultivating an inclusive and safe space for those it seeks to assist. 
We are certain that the work that has been carried out by the foundation has touched numerous people and will keep on doing so. We are confident that they will continue their outstanding work and efforts and we are proud and look forward to give our unwavering support. 

Donors & Sponsors

The Inspire Foundation does critical, tireless work to ensure that people with disabilities, their families and their carers, are included and supported at all levels in society.  At Melita, we believe that communication and good connectivity are vital for everyone, including the people with whom Inspire works. This is why we are always happy to support the Inspire Foundation in whatever way we can. 

Donors and Sponsors

“I would like to thank you all for all the support, advice and care you show towards our students. It’s a pity that our scholastic year had to stop abruptly but in view of the situation your virtual communication with both our students and us was very helpful. It was a pleasure to work with you all and learn as well! I hope that our paths will cross again in the future” 

Maria Karen Farrugia
LSE that worked with our School Outreach Programme

We’ve been supporting The Inspire Foundation for several years now. We do so by volunteering, fundraising, direct donations as well as taking part in team building events and other activities organised by Inspire. Besides what

we donate at a corporate level, a number of our employees also donate part of their personal income annually.  Our relationship with the foundation is based on the knowledge that Inspire provides vital and genuine services to so many individuals, children, adults and families. We all understand the financial, medical, and psychological effects that arise from disability.  It is therefore a great honour for our company, including our employees, to help Inspire in any way we can, not only by donating money but also by organising our CSR events in conjunction with the foundation.  We feel honoured to partner with an organisation that works for such a good cause, and by donating what we can we enable it to focus on what matters most – helping and advocating for people with disabilities.

Frank Salt Real Estate
Donors & Sponsors