Month: <span>October 2016</span>


Jien Suċċess

A twelve hour fundraising telethon in aid of Inspire will be broadcast on all national television stations on Sunday 30th October. Packed with information clips, real life success stories, features, entertainment and lots of surprises, a twelve hour fundraising TV telethon be broadcast in aid of Inspire with the aim to raise awareness about disability,...


The Travellers team up with Inspire, to send out a beautiful message through a music video

One of Malta’s most popular bands, The Travellers, has teamed up with The Inspire Foundation to promote a message of compassion and empathy through their popular song Sempliċita’.

The Gozitan band members who got together in 2013, said that they are ‘thankful to Inspire for the experience that they were given. The band together with Inspire, created a unique music video for the song Semplicita’ with the intention to promote compassion and empathy in the name of human decency.’