Month: <span>September 2016</span>


Giuseppe and his special smile           

Over the years, Giuseppe’s family has noticed significant progress in their son. “He has become very perceptive,” says Mariella. “He now understands us whenever we’re talking and he can follow a TV programme with ease. He also responds and reacts appropriately based on what he sees, and nowadays he moves his head quite a lot, something he wasn’t able to do when he was younger.”


The Farsons Foundation continues to facilitate numeracy skills for children

The Farsons Foundation will be funding the training for another staff member from Inspire to become a certified Numicon Trainer by Oxford University Press (OUP). This will ensure high quality training that is later delivered to professionals and parents which will enable them to help children reach their potential. “Teachers who attend Numicon workshops have a much higher multiplier effect as they are then able to share their knowledge with their entire class. At the moment more than 500 children are benefitting from this multisensory programme that is being used as a whole class approach in their schools,” added Ms. Gatt.


Inspire – confirmed member of EASPD

For the second consecutive year, Inspire [The Eden and Razzett Foundation] has been confirmed a member within the EASPD as a Single Agency Member Organisation [SAMO]. The EASPD is located in Brussels and represents over 11,000 support services for persons with disabilities. It is run by a team of professional staff managed by a Secretary General and governed by an Executive Committee, a Board and a General Assembly.


The importance of all our seven senses      

Sensory processing is the way in which the brain receives messages from the 7 senses and turns them into appropriate behavioural and physical responses. Whether we are biting into a sandwich, riding a bicycle or reading a book, in order to complete the activity successfully our brain must process the sensations correctly.