Month: <span>December 2015</span>


Merry Christmas from all of us at Inspire

During this time of year we like to take stock and count our blessings, but truth be told, had we to do so, we’d be counting till Kingdom come.  Our blessings are so many that it would take us forever to list them all. So thank you for all your help and support throughout the...


Help create better working environments for people with disabilities

The Mapfre Foundation whose main goal is to contribute to the welfare of citizens & society have just launched a superb initiative.It invited NGOs from all over the world to submit projects that will somehow help citizens in their country. Inspire submitted a project to help create work environments that are accessible to people with...


Love & Hope – Eat them and make a difference

Biscuits…who doesn’t love biscuits? But what if there were special biscuits, which can help make a real difference in someone’s life? This Christmas, treat yourself and your loved ones to mouth watering biscuits that bring LOVE & HOPE to those in need. This indulgent biscuit collection baked by the passionate bakers at Maypole will be...


Inspire Foundation joins forces with The Synergy Programme

 New approach to address challenging behavior in school.  One of the main obstacles that work against the inclusion of children with developmental disabilities in schools is what is often referred to as ‘challenging behaviour’. Behaviour is usually defined as “challenging” if it puts them or those around them at risk, or leads to a lesser quality...