Month: <span>July 2015</span>


Not Just Another Update

  Hello It’s been a while since we touched base and for this we apologise. You see, we’ve been busy keeping inspire going as well as celebrating our clients’ successes. The last three months have been quite challenging:   we had some difficult times keeping the indoor pool and fitness centre up to scratch. For...


Overcoming anxiety & Dyslexia – Maria R Gatt – Advisor and Expert Panel Member

People with dyslexia are more prone to experience this type of anxiety that often leads to stress. Sometimes people who do not understand what dyslexia is, tend to make the individual feel inadequate, have a low self-esteem, experience lack of confidence in everything they do and thus fail in most of the things expected of them at home, school or in the community. Myths surrounding dyslexia, such as ‘People who have dyslexia are lazy, lack intelligence, can never learn to read and will never get a good job’ continue to stress the individual.


Why are children failing in maths while doing well in other subjects?

Is your child failing in maths whilst doing well in other subjects?  It could be that your child has a Specific Learning Disability. Now what does that mean? A Specific Learning Disability is a disorder in one or more of the basic psychological processes involved in understanding or in using spoken or written language. The...