Month: <span>April 2015</span>


Understanding Autism – A Family Tells It’s Story

This interview was written by Martina Borg and was first published in Malta Today  In the 1988 Oscar winning film Rain Man, ‘autistic’ Dustin Hoffman performs complicated mental feats of mathematics in microseconds, and reels out without hesitation the dates and number of deaths in particular airlines’ air accidents. Qantas never had one, he also...


Let’s Colour

  LET’S COLOUR Did you ever wonder why volunteers are not paid? We asked around and got quite a few interesting answers from different people – some said that if volunteers were paid it wouldn’t be volunteering anymore, others said that organisations need volunteers because they cannot afford to pay salaries.After hearing everyone out, and...


LET’s go MAD – Let’s Make A Difference

In Malta, there are thousands of children and people living with a disability. Some have Down Syndrome, others have Autism, and some were victims of an unfortunate accident that left them disabled and unable to keep living the way they did before. The Inspire Foundation tries to help as many of these people and their...