Month: <span>April 2014</span>


Down Syndrome & obesity

Obesity – How and why does it affect persons with Down syndrome? By Rosette Gatt (Manager for Programme for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and Specific Learning Difficult at The Inspire Foundation) Every year people with Down’s Syndrome, their families and, people who work with them, do their utmost to raise awareness about the genetic condition that affects...


Make your miles count

If you want to run, run a mile. If you want a challenge, run a marathon, if you want to make a difference in someone’s life, run for Inspire – The Foundation for Inclusion. Running or walking a marathon is no easy task. Even the half marathon is a grueling feat and certainly not for the faint...


Finding ‘The Way’ Camino de Santiago

Back in September 2012, Yentl Spiteri (24) was working at Inspire helping young adults with various disabilities find work opportunities and providing them with various training and social skills. That’s where she came across the opportunity for a travel adventure of a lifetime – the opportunity to trek through El Camino De Santiago in Spain,...


I DO for Charity

There’s no denying that in today’s world weddings can cost an arm and a leg. Over the years they’ve become a big business involving thousands of Euro. Truth is that weddings are really big occasions with big meanings, and therefore many justify breaking the bank to celebrate. Souvenirs, or as they are referred to in...


Love knows no bounds…. by Alison Bezzina

Bjorn Tabone a tall handsome man in his early twenties, attends Inspire’s Adult Training Programme, which aims at increasing self-care skills and to promote the physical and emotional wellbeing. He walks into my office at Inspire for an interview about his relationship with Paula Vella. Paula who is 33, follows him closely, shakes my hand...


Iron man Nathan’s 666km challenge

Athlete Nathan Farrugia will attempt a world-first triathlon challenge that will see him run, swim and cycle across 666 kilometre non-stop from Corsica to Sardinia. “Every so often, I try to come up with an extreme challenge that will put Malta on the endurance map while raising funds for good causes,” said Mr Farrugia, chief...


A generous helping hand

Following the recent act of vandalism at the premises of Inspire Foundation, The Alfred Mizzi Foundation has donated €3,000 in funds towards urgently required repairs of Inspire’s Animal Park in Marsascala. Established by Alf. Mizzi & Sons Ltd in 2004, The Alfred Mizzi Foundation aims to promote Maltese heritage, education and social solidarity. “Following last week’s act of vandalism on...


Love me, wonky bits and all…. By Alison Bezzina

Mario Borg (36) is handsome, energetic and strong. He’s soft spoken, well groomed and his eyes are full of kindness. I meet Mario at the Inspire Fitness Centre in Marsascala. I watch him as he maneuvers his wheelchair around the machines like a pro, and after his gruesome workout I asked him to join me for a...


Gianluca Bezzina inspired to run

Gianluca Bezzina is a doctor by profession, an incredibly talented singer, and during this year’s Malta Song Contest he’s also proven to be a more than a capable TV presenter. There are lots of things that Gianluca has tried his hands at, but running a marathon is an absolute first for this young man and his...

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